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Great Stress Reliver

During the 21 day program period, two times a day, before lunch and before dinner, 24 minutes of yoga can destress your mind, helping your diabetic and overall health.


Does stress cause diabetes?

Stress and tension do not cause diabetes, but it can affect your blood sugar levels. In today’s busy world, stress is built into literally every activity. Stress can both contribute to and be a consequence of diabetes. However, stress can also increase a person's blood sugar and glycated hemoglobin levels. When under stress, the body releases hormones that can cause blood glucose levels to rise.

You probably hear people saying, 'take a deep breath' when you are stressed.

So how do we de-escalate stress?

How to de-stress

One of the best-known ways is yoga and meditation. Yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga encourages mental and physical relaxation, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. The physical postures promote flexibility, relieve tension, and alleviate pain. Yoga poses may help you release physical blockages like muscle knots, helping you release emotions and anxiety. With regular yoga practice, your chronic daytime stress hormone levels drop, and your heart rate variability increases, which measures your ability to tolerate stress. You can see the benefits after couple of sessions of yoga. [i]

Yoga/ meditation for 24 minutes

I have found that this 24-minute yoga and meditation helps manage stress—suggested time for yoga in the morning after exercise, shower, and evening before dinner. Yoga/meditation needs to be done on an empty stomach.

24 minutes of Yoga /Meditation. I am providing a video for each yoga exercise and meditation. So please follow that. You can also use Yoga apps for timing. I use an app called 'yoga timer.'

Patangasana                  – 2 min

Shishupala                     – 2 min left leg

Shishupala                     – 2 min right leg

Cat stretch                     – 3 min (3 cycles)

Kapalbhati                      – 3 min

Bhastrika                        – 3 min

Alternate breathing      – 3 min

Bramhamari                  – 3 min

Relax/Meditate             – 3 min

(Video courtesy: Namaste Yoga)

For physical activity and yoga, we are devoting a minimum of 55 minutes daily, which might be too long. Think about the time you spend watching TV or playing video games, which probably is much more than 55 minutes. So, we can debate about 55 minutes being too much. But remember, it is your health we are talking about here.


For a successful 21-day program, we must allot 24 minutes in the morning and the evening for yoga/meditation. As mentioned earlier, the two new routines that helped me get rid of diabetic medication were yoga and intermittent fasting. I have been following Food and Exercise routines for over ten years without significant results. So do not underestimate the importance of yoga and intermittent fasting.

Shower before morning yoga/meditation for better results. A clean body helps to keep the mind clean.

Evening yoga is after evening exercise and before dinner on an empty stomach.

Select a room or space where you feel a little private and less cluttered. Please keep the place aired and lighted (if you have a window, crank it open unless it is freezing). Get a yoga mat and a yoga chair to support your back if required. I use both a yoga mat and a chair.


Bala’s Rule on Yoga/Meditation

  1. During 21-day program – 24 minutes yoga in the morning and evening

  2. Yoga/Meditation after exercise and shower in the morning and after exercise in the evening, before dinner.

  3. Keep your stomach empty before yoga/meditation.

  4. Select bright and air room, a little private and less cluttered place

  5. After the 21-day program if you can stick to morning meditation at least 2 times a week.



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